How to take care of your chandelier

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Once you buy and place your Swarovski chandelier, your job is not over and you cannot just sit back and enjoy its ornate structure or its sparkling crystals for the rest of your life. Chandeliers are, unfortunately, known as “dust magnets”, and they require care and maintenance. Regular cleaning is important since it prevents the parts of the chandelier to suffer any damages and this helps the overall condition of the chandelier. We all want our appliances to work properly and chandeliers are no exception, which means that we need to take care of them and clean them when necessary.

Experts recommend that we clean our chandeliers at least once per year, assuming that we did the regular dusting of the ceiling and the chandelier itself. Most people skip the dusting part, which causes a lot of problems later when it comes to cleaning and the looks of the chandelier. If you decide to clean your chandelier in a do-it-yourself manner, it is important to take safety precautions and turn the lights off. Then you can proceed and dismantle the chandelier, which should be done very carefully and slowly. Since some chandeliers have a lot of parts, experts suggest that a picture is taken before we take apart the structure and clean everything piece by piece, because this will enable us to put things back more easily and in the appropriate position.

If the chandelier is too heavy and has too many features, it is best to hire a professional and leave the matter in their capable hands.

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