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Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, and people who design them are constantly in search for inspiration and they always look for new ideas and concepts. Human imagination is, as we all know it, unlimited and powerful, and creativity of certain people often amazes us all and leaves us breathless. However, experimentation and modernity are simply not everyone’s “cup of tea”, and there are people who stick to the traditional looks and want to have vintage and classical elements in their homes. Rectangular chandeliers are one such item, mostly because they are following the contours of the room and they often have a classic design. Elegance and beauty are sometimes incompatible with pragmatic requirements, but when it comes to rectangular chandeliers – they often fulfill those two criteria in the best possible way.G902-B40-1120-10

One such rectangular chandelier is the popular Siljoy Rectangle Clear K9 Crystal Ceiling Light Fixture, which attracts attention ever since it appeared on the market a few years back. With its exceptional design and unique features, this rectangular chandelier is certainly a good option for any customer who wants to have a classy and impressive item in their dining area, kitchen or living room. With its modern design, Siljoy Rectangle Clear K9 Crystal Ceiling Light Fixture is something that you will want to proudly display in your home and there is no doubt that this lavish chandelier will become the focal point of the room and a real jewel of your home.

This rectangular chandelier is produced out of stainless steel and polished chrome, which gives it a modern look, but there are also numerous crystal drops that provide it with a touch of luxury and elegance. The intricate design of those crystals and their dazzling shine will give your room a glow that you did not expect, and the quality of this chandelier will certainly satisfy all customers. Eight LED bulbs will give a warm light, and the adjustable cable length allows for various levels of height when it comes to this relatively big chandelier.

  • Siljoy Rectangle Clear K9 Crystal Ceiling Light
  • Product Dimensions: 39.5 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Crystal, Metal, Glass

  • Users rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Quality 85%
Design 90%
Performance 83%

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Since this is a big and heavy chandelier with its 30 pounds of weight, it is recommended that you check your ceiling and the structure of this area before you place this product. Also, since the installation of such a large chandelier can be tricky and often time-consuming, it is perhaps best to leave it to the professionals and just come back when your kitchen or your dining room are filled with bright light from this rectangular chandelier. Siljoy created an eye-catching, sparkling rectangular chandelier and there is no doubt that this product is worth the price. In fact, due to its overall quality and looks, it can be said that this item is a real bargain and that it has a great ratio of price and features.

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