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Every once and a while, people go crazy for a certain color or a certain pattern and then proclaim that color as a “must have”. We can witness this same occurrence in our present day use of oil rubbed bronze since this color has become so trendy in recent years that people are changing the looks of their complete kitchens and bathrooms just to have this warm color installed. The cold and futuristic colors of polished steel or chrome are being replaced by this gentle and sophisticated color, and a lot of home accessories and appliances are coming with this finishing. Every homeowner who wants to be in trend will among those items certainly have an oil rubbed bronze chandelier, mostly because they are the focal point of a room and they give the biggest touch of class and style to a room.

  • Canarm Monica 3-Light Chandelier
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Includes 5 foot chain with 6 foot cord
  • White shade and frosted glass diffuser

  • Users rating: 4.7 of 5 stars

There are many oil rubbed bronze chandeliers available on the market currently, but we picked two products that have the best ratio of price and quality, which means that they are a great shopping opportunity. Also, they attract and captivate with their elegance and beauty, which is another important element of their overall appeal. CANARM Monica 3-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier is an amazing product and it will certainly satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Its elegance and unique style will fit most rooms, so you can put it in your dining area, foyer or even in your bedroom. Every oil rubbed bronze chandelier will give you a feeling of warmth and softness, but this item also provides good lighting and it is highly pragmatic as well.

CANARM Monica 3-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier comes from a very respectable manufacturer because CANARM is a company well-known for their long tradition and impeccable history when it comes to lighting fixtures and chandeliers. This drum-style oil rubbed bronze chandelier continues in that tradition, and with its white shade and frosted glass diffuser it gives a very pleasant soft light.

It requires 3 light bulbs, which are not included, and they are also not exposed from underneath the chandelier, which is a lovely touch and customers will certainly appreciate this addition.

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1a52e75749a63aa4967924d1cf830669Design House 514455 Millbridge 5-Light Chandelier is another very classy and sophisticated oil rubbed bronze chandelier, and it also comes from a very experienced and renowned manufacturer. Design House creates products for many home décor categories, and their chandeliers are affordable and attractive. This particular item is produced out of steel, finished with bronze, and there are also alabaster glass elements. The style of this oil rubbed bronze chandelier is Art Deco, and with its 5 downward facing lamps, it will bring you back to the early 20th century.

Incandescent light bulbs are still necessary for this chandelier, but the quality of light will be superb due to carefully positioned lamps that cover the entire room and give a very warm and gentle light. This lovely chandelier can easily be placed in your kitchen, dining room or entryway since it has the looks and the quality to be a great addition to any of those rooms.

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