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Chandeliers can be used in many rooms in our home, and they have a very versatile nature which allows them to be multifunctional and highly useful for people who do not have the funds to buy as many expensive lighting fixtures as they may want to. Having and LED chandelier, for example, is a great investment, but this activity can sometimes be a little bit pricey and most people decide to skip such an item. However, Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, White Diamond is a perfect solution for people who need a cheap but high-quality solution when they are buying stuff for their kids room.

This elegant little chandelier can be easily transformed into an LED chandelier if you put LED bulbs into it, and that’s all there is to it. These bulbs are known for their highly efficient performances and they save a lot of energy. LED bulbs do not produce heat, and they also can give different colors of light which are all very useful for a nursery room. Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier is predominantly used in little girl’s rooms, since it has a rather feminine and stylish design, but also because of the fact that it comes in different colors, including pink and purple. Small girls will regard this as the crown to their little corner and this mini-chandelier will provide a lot of light for the girls to play and study.┬áThis chandelier is produced out of metal and it has faux crystals embellishing the body of the frame, giving it a very elegant and luxurious look.

It comes in the dimensions of 8x8x13 inches, which mean that it can be placed above a bed or a table in kids room without fear of falling or harming a child significantly. The chandelier is lightweight and easy to install, and this can be done either by hard wiring or by plugging it in and out every time you need it to shine.

  • Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, White Diamond
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12 inches
  • Style: Traditional
  • Material Type: Metal, Glass, Acrylic

  • Users rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

The light comes from three 25 watts candelabra light bulbs, but they can be replaced in case you need an LED chandelier. In case you stay with the original light bulbs, which come included in the package, you will have a strong source of light in the room since the bulbs give a powerful and bright light. The chandelier comes with a white chain that is long enough to position the chandelier on various levels and there is no doubt that even the most demanding of customers will find the right solution for them.

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k2-_561d2c4d-7efe-4cfc-a4b7-59b3787b033b.v1Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier is a real diamond among chandeliers, and this chandelier for nursery can be used in different areas of a home as well. It is charming, pretty and elegant, which makes it a perfect fit for any girl’s room, and this sophisticated addition will make your loved one feel very special and happy. Dazzling and sparkling, this mini-chandelier will attract the attention of other kids as well, and they will probably be a little bit jealous on such an exquisite decorative accessory.

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