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Selecting the best chandelier can be a tricky and even a tedious task since they all have similar characteristics and their features are not so different after all. Or so it seems. Once you buy a bad chandelier, you realize that there is a difference and that it is important to know what you want and then buy the best possible option. For people who want something classy and elegant, function comes second, and they often “forget” about the importance of good lighting and the quality of atmosphere that you get in a room with a suitable chandelier. It is necessary to always accommodate those two elements and make them complementary, and if this is done right – your room will have a touch of style and elegance that will make all of your visitors jealous of your creativity and imagination.

Quality 80%
Design 85%
Performance 79%

One such chandelier is Jac D’Lights J10-592/1 Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier, which is a true member of a French country chandeliers and it simply oozes class and sophistication. With its beautiful design and intricate decorations, this lovely chandelier will be a focal point of every room and it will even provide your guests with a feeling of being in a palace or a manor house from the old European times. This French country chandelier does in fact continue the elegant and timeless European tradition of making a home décor elements, predominantly because its cottage style is reminiscent of the era of King Luis XIV and the likes. As a matter of fact, this item is a part of “Versailles Collection” of lighting fixtures from Jac D’Lights, which speaks a lot for itself.

Every French country chandelier needs to be dazzling and sparkling with crystals, and Jac D’Lights J10-592/1 Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier successfully follows this concept. This small and cute chandelier is produced out of wrought iron and weighs only 5.8 pounds, which makes it easy to move around and place anywhere you want to.

  • Jac D'Lights J10-592/1 Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 14 inches
  • Style: Cottage
  • Material: Crystal

  • Users rating: 4.2 of 5 stars

Draped crystals give it a lavish and luxurious look, and there are no restrictions to where you can position this gorgeous French country chandelier. It can be a perfect addition to your dining area, or it can give a touch of class to your living room, but it can also attract the attention of your guests if you place it in your entryway or along a staircase.

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Jac D’Lights J10-592/1 Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier takes 1 candelabra light bulb, with the maximum power of 60W, which is more than enough to light a medium size room. Crystals help in this respect as well, since they reflect the light and give a dazzling and exquisite look to this chandelier. It is very easy to assemble and install this French country chandelier, which is also a valuable benefit of this item. People who buy this product will certainly be very satisfied with its quality and performances, and the elegance and eye-catching appearance will speak for themselves.

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