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We all know that first impressions are important, and yes, we have all heard the famous phrase that you cannot make the first impression twice. However, we usually forget about this until the moment we really need to impress someone and present ourselves in the best possible light.

contemporary-entryway-with-tile-flooring-i_g-IS9hvo02kz10jx1000000000-qo9vcThen we hurry to buy the best clothes, pick the best jewelry, make-up or some style accessory, which can often result in messy and unsatisfying looks. That is why it is best to be prepared and always ready, and when it comes to houses – our entryways are the keys to making a first impression. They set the tone for the rest of the house and these small rooms show the guest everything about your taste and the prevailing tone of the house. Hospitality needs to be demonstrated as soon as the guest steps a foot inside of your home, and foyers or entryways are usually the first thing they see. Because of this fact, the importance of an entryway chandelier is even greater, and this means that you should really put an effort in finding the best possible lighting fixture for this area.

Form and function need to be complementary in this room, and the style of the entryway chandelier should follow the overall style of the house.

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  • Unitary Brand Rustic Barn Metal Chandelier
  • Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 15.8 x 39.4 inches
  • Style: Antique
  • Material: Metal

  • Users rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

It is not always easy to find the appropriate solution in the vast amount of options, but Unitary Brand Rustic Barn Metal Chandelier will certainly be a good choice for people who like to be slightly different from the others and show their artistic nature. This unique and special entryway chandelier is chic and stylish, which will suit even the most demanding of customers, but it is also functional and gives excellent light and shines the room in the best possible way. Its minimalist design and vintage farmhouse style are something that you do not see very often, and this is the perfect option for making a strong first impression.

Unitary Home World is a professional lighting manufacturer and this company has a very long tradition of making stunning chandeliers and other decorative elements. Since they are known for their quality, Unitary has very high standards when it comes to all of their products and Unitary Brand Rustic Barn Metal Chandelier is certainly no exception. This metal chandelier takes 5 lighting bulbs which are limited to 40W, which means that the overall strength of the chandelier is 200W.

The bulbs are placed on separate holders and each of them is hanging on an adjustable cord, so you can easily play around and change their positions every once and a while. This entryway chandelier is very easy to assemble and install, and its rustic and antique looks make it look sturdy and durable. Unitary Brand Rustic Barn Metal Chandelier is a great entryway chandelier, both in terms of form and in terms of function, which means that all customers will be happy with the overall quality of this unique and interesting product.

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