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Ever since their invention, candles have had a few drawbacks that were annoying people over the years. The useful role of candles was immensely important, which made them impossible to discard, but they were often frustrating and sometimes even dangerous. Luckily, electricity appeared in the 19th century and it made candles obsolete within our chandeliers. There was no more risk of fires, no wax dripping and the light was stable and safe from the wind or similar elements. However, people wanted candles back into their chandeliers because they were aesthetically pleasing and added a touch of elegance and grandeur. This problem was solved by the invention of battery operated chandeliers, which use “false” candles that are safe and pragmatic but also look nice and give more than enough light.

  • Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 15 inches
  • Elegant curlicues and accented with acrylic crystals
  • Made from Iron and acrylic and includes a hanging chain

  • Users rating: 4.4 of 5 stars

Gifts and Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic is one such product, and this item is very popular all over the world. It is made out of iron and acrylic, and it supports four candles (which are not included in the package). This lovely battery operated chandelier will add a luxurious touch to your dining room, foyer or any other room in your home, but it can easily be placed outside in your garden or a gazebo. Designed in the lavish Baroque style, this battery operated chandelier is popular because of its looks but also because of its simple installation process and easy maintenance. Candles are remotely operated, which means that you do not need electricity or wires to set up this lighting fixture, and the flameless candles that can be put inside the holders will certainly fit perfectly into their planned positions. With the price of only $27.50, this chandelier is a real bargain, and you should not miss out on this opportunity.

Another similar battery operated chandelier is Gifts and Decor Shabby Elegance Scrollwork Candleholder Chic Decor, which has all necessary elements to be classified as a very good product with a very low price.

Quality 70%
Design 79%
Performance 69%

61pKjVPJVpL._SL1000_It is made out of metal with acrylic accents, and the general design of this item reminisces of the French Provincial style. Gentle, creamy color of the metal frame is similar to ivory, and the crystals are sparkling and shining even though they are made of plastic. There are three positions for candles and the entire piece is lightweight and extremely easy to install. Since this is a battery operated chandelier, the candles are just a replica of the real wax candles, which means that customers can place this in any room of the house without fear of fires or unwanted drippings.

Small and pretty, with a highly affordable price, this dazzling chandelier has many vintage features but it is also modern with its use of battery operated candles, and all of those attributes make it a highly attractive accessory.

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